How To Make Ready For Your First Dance Class – 2022 Guide

The road to being a large dancer is not short or easy. It will take blood, sweat, and maybe even some tears if you want to be a professional dancer.

On the other hand, if you just want to get into some Bachata lessons so you can dance comfortably at a party, then – you can loosen up a little. You just have to sweat a little.

Now, we understand that registering for the first dance class can make stress. Maybe you are self-conscious about your lack of dancing skills, maybe you don’t feel comfortable around strangers, or maybe you just hate it doesn’t get great in something. Whatever the reason – we get it. We understand, and we are here to help.

This is how to calm your nerves and make ready your first dance class – style 2022!

1. Relax

First of all – breathe. Take a big breath when you feel anxious about your first lesson and try to relax.

Keep in mind that everyone is a beginner at some point. Nothing was born as an extraordinary dancer. Everyone stumbles, falls, and chaos from the start – it’s just natural.

Thank it and try and forget your nerves.

After all, you use the Bachata class for fun. So, have fun!

3. Get Comfy Shoes

Whether you are a boy or female – make sure you wear comfortable shoes for your first lesson.

There will be a time when you might have to dance with high heels or dress shoes, but at that time it’s not now.

Wear the most convenient footwear for the class you take. Naturally, you won’t wear sneakers to the ballet class, but once again – can you try?

First Dance Class

For the rest of the joke, you have to wear the most comfortable shoes that you have. Believe in us. Your feet will thank you.

3. Wear Comfortable Clothes

After you choose the most convenient shoes, walk to your closet and choose something comfortable to wear.

Wear something that will allow you to move freely. Wear something that is quite loose so it won’t limit your movements. Wear something suitable for you. Wear something that won’t make you sweat like you just run fifteen miles on the treadmill.

Also, don’t try and “look good”. There will be times when you will take your clothes, but if you just start – focus on comfort. Worried about the style later.

4. Expect To Mess Up

Can be considered the best way to prepare your first bachata dance glass or another dance class in this case, is hoping to screw up.

You will definitely mess up something if this is your first class. You will be wrong to count its steps, you will look awkward, and many other things might be wrong, but remember this – it happens to everyone.

Don’t let this error affect you. The worst thing you can do is let this error prevent you from coming again.

Thank you will only mess it up. It’s just natural. You will learn from your mistake, and you will get better with time.

5. Reach Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If you feel stressed or anxious about dancing in front of a large group of strangers, or if you know you will feel uncomfortable – put it yourself there.

Go outside and put yourself from your comfort zone in any way possible. Do things you don’t usually do – especially those who make you stretched. Use something ridiculous. Try new drinks. Eat something you have never had before. Visit the nightclub that you have never done but always want.

Just do something that will get you out of your comfort zone. It will help you walk to the first dance class you feel like a million dollars.

6. Prepare Yourself Online

If you are one of those who cannot overcome their anxiety and fear if they don’t know what they put – prepare yourself.

We live in the digital world – the world that gives us unlimited information. You can find the best tutorial about various dances in just a few clicks. You can read something like this article or watch some videos that will prepare you for your first dance class.

You can learn the basics in just a few hours, and if it’s something that will make it easier for you to do it.

7. Set Realistic Goals

Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting unrealistic expectations – whatever they might occur.

You may be confident in your dancing skills or your social skills, but hope you will develop into an extraordinary dancer after four lessons and everyone there wants to be your friend just ridiculous.

Realize what you want from this lesson and set realistic goals.

Now, we don’t say you don’t have to shoot stars. By all means – shoot for them. But if you do it, understand how much work is in it.

8. Listen To Music

Want to prepare to dance? Listen to music.

What you need to do to enter the mood and make your body move is to listen to anything that makes you want to move.

Never think about how you move. Just play the music you want to listen to and move. That will make you leave!

9. Be Confident

Believe in yourself and be confident – it’s probably the only thing you really need before your first dance lesson.

You will survive the shoes that are uncomfortable, and you will adjust your goals when you go, but if you enter without confidence – you will not enjoy your first class, and you will never succeed in reaching the second.

Find it in you to believe in yourself and be confident with your dancing abilities and get better in that. Adoption of the mindset, enjoy yourself, and seriously, and we promise you – you will become a great dancer.

10. Just Dance

Finally – just dancing!

Remove your fear and dance. Go to the club or bar and enjoy the rhythm. Move and listen to your body. Who cares if you are not good? And even better – who said you’re not good? Maybe you.

But you will never know unless you try.


So, are you ready to wear your dance shoes? We will definitely hope so.

We have done all this before we started prancing, and believed in us – it helped us. Leave it to help you, too.


9 top-style combo for your slide shoes in 2022

Having a basic style in your wardrobe is always a must. These items are classical and never outdated. Two items included in this category are jeans and slide sandals. No matter what time it is, you can always find reasons to wear these items. Not only can you use it basically all the time, but also they can go with anything and everything. The added bonus of these items is they paired very well.

Even though both of them are basic items like that, the fashion industry has turned it a little giving them variations. This allows people to really show their personality through clothes. Here are some of the best combinations of jeans and slides to help you make your ideal view. Let’s walk through this article to the end, to get some ideas to wear slides in various style combinations.

top-style combo for your slide shoes

Style Combos:

1. Mom: Over the past few years, this jeans style has returned, and is now one of the ‘must-have’ styles. Have you bought a slide pair and want to pair it with Mom Jeans? We understand the struggle to pair both together! Mom’s jeans were waisted, loose on the legs, and stopped right on the ankle. You can leave pants like, or you can roll the ankle and jeans handcuffs. This is a great style because everyone can wear it and they look amazing with slides. Here we have some basic and luxurious views that you can style by pairing maternity jeans and slide sandals. Able to show it with flaring jeans is the best way to showcase your slides. Mother’s jeans tend to be very simple, occasionally have one or two rips on them. This makes them more fun to wear slides with because you can really be crazy with bright or patterned coloured slides.

2. Skinny: Even though this is not everyone’s favourite, skinny jeans look amazing with sliding sandals. Similar to Mom Jeans, pants’ feet do not cover the ankles, so you can see the shoes you wear all the time. It’s very cool with skinny jeans because they come in a variety of different colours. This makes them paired with a more pleasant slide because you can pair it with a funky pattern or plain colour, such as orange slides from the freedom of Moses.

3. Flair / Bootcut: While this still looks great with slides, they may be the most popular style to use with all types of sandals. Both bootcut and jeans blaze longer and, as the name suggests, they become wider at the bottom. This means they include a lot of feet, and therefore the shoes you wear, which is usually the shoe closed. Obviously, you can wear any shoes you want regardless of the style of jeans. But if you set one slide using them, here are two suggestions that need to be remembered. The first is to wear a heeled slide. Having extra heights will help show off more shoes. The second piece of advice is to only wear plain coloured slides because they won’t look too much. While your shoe choices are personal decisions, other suggestions are to distance themselves from using patterned slides with this type of cutting. The jeans themselves have been busy with wider ankles, so having more to see with patterned slides can be a little annoying and reduce the jeans and slides.

4. Hit the dressing with a print tee: printed t-shirts already look visual and great when arranging with anything. They increase your personality and the best as tees that attract attention. Even though plain or spotted slides are perfectly running with T-shirts. It would be an amazing look made by combining plain slides, print tees, and maternity jeans. Wearing a very aesthetic and classy slide instead; T-shirts give you the right modern look. What if we combine both? Versatile T-shirts and have comfortable clothes with cool moulds are perfect for use on jeans. You can arrange from every day with a perfect night view with the right t-shirts in pairs with slides. This display is perfect for going out at night, morning, or anytime.

5. Make Your Look Classier, With Dusters: Imagine jeans and laps together can be scary because both have great pieces but believe them both of them look perfect. In fact, the slide will play its role to make you look classy. Duster will keep you moderate from the cooler until a warmer time; Mom Jeans will help you look comfortable, and your braided slides will help add more beauty to your appearance.

6. Go Formal With Blazers: Formal blazers are combined with Mom jeans and slides that will give you a chic look around your event. You can make this look for your dating night; Casual Friday searches for office or lunch. You can organize yourself with a black blazer, thrown onto the black tee, add mother’s jeans with a pair of formal slides. If you want to make it, your attractive appearance adds a gold necklace for it.

7. Style Them Up With Knits: As we like styling slides in summer; You will think why we recommend knitted? Knitted will give you perfection and loose mother jeans you will give the perfect ones to move together easily. Make sure you choose a lighter knit and you to slip your mother’s jeans. Combine everything, and you are all ready to shop or to catch the flight.

8. Kimonos Are Perfect To Pair-Up: Kimono is another choice like dusting, but compared to and lighter kimonos duster. Because the slide is the perfect footwear for summer, Kimono also runs smoothly with summer. Mother’s jeans are also loose and tasty when wearing summer. Now we have the perfect style to go anywhere, a pair of beautiful slides, the flower kimono has been thrown onto the white tee tucked into mother’s jeans.

9. Go For Canadian Tuxedo Look: You might have heard of Canadian Tuxedo, if not? So it is a grouping of denim and denim. You can pair your mother’s jeans and denim with denim jackets. Wear the same colour from the denim slide, jacket, and mother jeans but choose a brighter colour for T-shirts to tuck. If you go for a lighter t-shirt shade, it will do anything but make you look fatty. And some circles and see, you are ready for college or wherever you like to go!

Obviously, it doesn’t matter what your style preferences are, there is always the possibility of matching your slides with jeans.

This is also a possibility for men! Actually, because there are fewer Jean styles for men who find a pair of suitable slides will be easier. Look, everyone can enjoy wearing these classics!