How to tell whether your bridal diamond set is real or fake

Buying a bridal diamond set is a challenging thing. People usually don’t know how to solve this type of problem. Therefore, they will invite friends and ask for help when choosing the best for one of the most special moments in life. Of course, the biggest problem of all will be connected with design and material. However, something cannot help you by recognizing the differences between real and fake diamonds.

Don’t worry, we know this sounds very challenging theory. There is a small detail that will explore the fake set, and most people don’t even realize it. More precisely, they don’t know that they spend a little more money on something unreal.

However, there is good news that you have to know. There are several ways how you can find out whether the bridal diamond set is real or fake. Don’t worry, your experience with jewellery and diamonds doesn’t need to be here. All you have to do is apply all the suggestions mentioned in the list below, and the answer will come. Let’s find out the steps together!

Reflection of White and Color Light

People don’t even realize how important the reflection of white light and colour. It’s no secret that diamonds specifically for their ability to shine in a unique way. More precisely, people love them because they have the capacity to sparkle and sparkle in the sun. The most unique feature of the actual bridal diamond set is that can expose fake jewellery.

So what should someone do? For starters, find a place that has a lot of sunlight. Take the bride outside the box and place it in the sun. What exactly did you see now? How does colour reflect?

bridal diamond set

Something to see people is all the shades of the rainbow. Apart from that, white light is very important. We know this will look strange, but white light shouldn’t just “white”. The shining white must flash white. If you don’t see this colour back to you when you put the bride in the sun, it means you are close to buying fake jewellery.

Rainbow Flashes Are Not Making Your Blind

Okay, this part might look strange compared to the previous one. Therefore, we plan to carefully choose the words to describe it. As stated above, the feel of the rainbow must be seen when you put the bride in the sun. But, the nuances you see should not be weak or light in any way. Instead, the rainbow you see must be too strong. It should have the power that makes you blind. If you don’t experience something like that, then you can be sure that the items you plan to buy are not real.

Real Diamonds Don’t Fog Up

The good thing about all the advice we share with you is you can try it at home. They don’t need additional expenses! One of the things you need to think about is that real diamonds will never be foggy. You don’t have to be an expert to understand why this is logical. If the diamond is really real, the condensation will not affect the surface in any way.

The easiest thing you can do is immediately breathe into the diamond. Of course, certain fog doses will appear, but should not stay there for a long time. But, if you notice it is 10 or 20 minutes, then that means you haven’t chosen the real item. In other words, no need to spend a lot of money on it.

They Can’t Get Scratched

Durry duration and they have the capacity to last for years. That is the main reason why people decide on this material when choosing a bridal set. We know this might look like a risky step, but you have to check whether the bridal diamond set you plan to buy is resistant to scratches or not. Don’t use other diamonds for this test purpose because they are the only ones that can cause scratches. It is recommended that you get a knife with a low level of physical energy scratching stone.

This is the easiest way to recognize the difference between fake and real diamond stones. If you see that scratches appear from a typical knife, that means it’s not real. But, if there is no scratch at all, there is no reason to hesitate. If you use a knife it looks like a risky step, you can use several other items to complete the test. But, even if the scratches appear, you will know that you hold the wrong item in your hand.

Try Out Float Test

Compared to previous experiments, the float test is less risky. All you have to do is get a stone and put it in a glass of causal water. We will not explain physics here. Something that must happen after you do it is that the stone sinks. It is the confirmation that you are waiting for! Unfortunately, if you see that diamond floats (even a little), that means you are experimenting with fake pieces.

However, even if you see that the stone sinks, it’s not 100% confirmation that you buy real diamonds. There are also several other ingredients that will cause the same results. Therefore, we recommend this option only as a method to determine whether the diamond stone is fake or not. However, if you want to check whether it’s real, then we suggest you combine this method with the previous one.


All of these suggestions will help you get some answers. To avoid this, we strongly recommend that you buy a Bride Diamond set only from reliable online and offline stores.