Are Lace Wigs fine?

Having a good and high-quality wig can change your appearance dramatically. No wonder so many people start wearing them every day.

If you are a wig lover, then you might be aware of the lace wig hype that happens. Many famous influencers show off their latest lace wigs on Instagram and YouTube, and you might have seen several ads here and there. You have heard celebs like Beyonce and Kim K talking about this, so you have to wonder what it is.

But is this wig really worth the hype? This is all you need to know about lace wigs!

Types of lace wigs

The first thing you have to know about lace wigs is that there are two different types. We have full lace wigs and lace front wigs.

Full lace wigs are made completely from lace, and they look very beautiful!

They look very natural and feel almost smooth with touch. Full lace wigs are very smooth, so their management can be rather complicated. You must be very soft and careful when handling this wig because it’s easy to tear. If you accidentally tore it up, fix the wig as impossible. This is why they are not too good for someone to just start wearing a wig. They need a lot of care and you must always be careful when sticking to and replacing them. Never use glue or recording because it can damage the entire wig. You usually get a rope or comb along with wigs, and finding out how to use it properly can require some exercise.

Lace Wigs

Other types of lace wigs are lace front wigs. This wig only has a lace line, while other parts can be made from synthetic or some other materials. The best thing about this type of lace wig is that it is much easier to handle than others. It’s not easily broken, so you don’t need to worry about it much. It’s still quite smooth, so using glue and tape to attach this is still a giant no. They don’t look as beautiful as fully made of lace, but cheaper and a great way to practice handling lace wigs before you buy full lace.

The look

We will talk about full lace wigs at first because we recommend getting full after you are quite confident with your wig attachment skills. If it is arranged and properly maintained, the lace wig can look very spectacular. It is designed to emulate genuine human hair, and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish it. You will always look like you are out of the salon when you wear a lace wig.

The wig hat is almost invisible and you can find that matches your skin colour perfectly, so yes, no one will know you are wearing a wig. Lace makes your “hair” look shiny and smooth, and it’s very easy to stylish!

When it comes to the front wig lace, they can look as good as full lace if you choose the right one. They are much cheaper and more easily handled, and if you don’t have previous experience with handling sensitive materials, it is the best choice for you. There is a very large variation when it comes to this wig, but make sure you choose a high-quality front lace wig


This wig is very easy to get the style. Whichever hairstyle you choose, you can be sure that it will last longer and look beautiful. Be careful and soft so you accidentally damage your wig. We would not recommend using it in ponytails or bread as a small part of the wig attachment can be seen when wearing it.

There is no other wig that looks and feels more natural than lace wigs. However, it’s not real hair, so when you organize you have to use a special product. This is an expensive investment, so you don’t want to get everything broken. Use a wig brush and never a wig style. After you wash it, let it dry naturally and the style is only when it really dry for the best results.

You can find many tips and tutorials to organize your wig online. Don’t be afraid to try a new style!

How do they feel?

The best thing about this is they are very comfortable. They are super light, so you don’t need to feel like wearing a hat. It also prevents your head from overheating at high temperatures. Also, the material of this wig is designed and arranged in a way that makes it very breathable. Comfort is one of the most important things that need to be considered when choosing wigs, and this wig course provides it. They are very good for hot weather because you won’t sweat almost as much as you do with other wigs.

At the touch, they feel like human hair, just a little more brushed.

How to remove them and where to store them?

It’s important that you remove your wig slowly and carefully! As we mentioned many times before, this is very smooth and can rip very easily. It can be a little time-consuming at the beginning, but after you get the essence of it, it will all be worth it.

There are many useful online tutorials where you can find in-depth details about the transfer of wigs, but it’s not a complicated process. This is actually very simple! The only difficult thing about it is you need to do it very slowly.

When it comes to saving wigs, you must make sure to save them in a safe place, and in such a way that they are not entangled and messy. Dealing with it will be very difficult and time-consuming. There is even a little container that you can buy to store it safely.

The takeaway

Lace wig becomes increasingly popular. This happens for a very good reason. They are the most realistic, comfortable, and beautiful wig types available. The only downside is that the lace is very smooth so the wig will require a lot of care and maintenance.