7 Best Colours for Wedding Dresses in 2022

You do not have to wear a white wedding dress, even if white is considered a marriage wedding dresses tradition. Nowadays, you could have a little more innovative and creative with your outfit, and once you’ve been digging, you can actually see that there is a wide range of colours that you could opt for your dress.

If you plan to buy a dress that is not traditionally white, maybe this item may help you. The text below will propose a list of colours that have been the most common options in 2022. Take an overview closer to the 7-tone list you need to consider:

Wedding Dresses in 2022

1. Elegant: Blue

Did you explore the store for a blue dress? If so, you must remember that you can make your dress right! Not only it will have a soft and elegant look, but, it’s likely to attract a lot of attention. Therefore, you will look really daydream without really daring with other hues.

2. Feminine: Blush

When you think about it, blush has long been a second choice when it comes to the colour of the dress – and there is a valid reason behind it. Besides choosing ivory or white, it is the nuance and looks the most neutral and truly feminine. Even though you might not like pink, this hue will definitely be perfect if you are looking for something not traditional.

3. Bold: Floral

Now, you might want to go with white, you might also want a little colour to your dress. And if so, choosing a white dress with a clear flower pattern may be the best for you. Besides that it is amazingly unique like a floral dress Cathy Telle, you don’t need to doubt and look stunning during your ceremony.

4. Romantic: Red

You can find clothes that are really brave, but very romantic and excited. Whatever design you like, the red hue will definitely allow it to shine and impact all your guests. For example, Vera Wang is famous for making red wedding dresses, which means that this hue must be pondered.

5. Neutral: Tan

If you are still looking for something neutral, but don’t want to go with ivory, blush on, or white, you can choose the next hue on the chocolate palette! It doesn’t matter if you prefer to go a little darker or lighter, make sure it complements your skin tone, especially because you don’t want them to collide with each other.

6. Fresh: Mint Green

When the bride is looking for her softer because of her dress, one of the options she has is choosing a mint green dress! Not only is it beautiful, but when you type the ‘Mint Green’ wedding dress at the search bar, you will be able to see a variety of beautiful designs that you will love quickly.

7. Gentle: Lilac

Pink is not your only choice when having pastel clothes, in fact, you can also choose lilac, especially because it is one of the most beautiful hues for such opportunities. Have you choose a strong lilac hue or a little smoother, you will definitely feel feminine and elegant during your special day.

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Dress?

Before we really complete this article, there are some things that are worth mentioning, especially because it can help you choose dresses and that colour. If you have decided which one you will buy, you can pass through this whole section, but if not, consider these things before you make a purchase:

The Venue – There is a difference between holding your wedding ceremony on the beach and holding it in a traditional place. For example, if you will have a beach wedding, you need something lighter and roomier because it will be quite hot. On the other hand, if you have a reception in a traditional place, you can go with almost all designs and colours.

The Jewelry – another important thing that will not only help you choose the design but the colour and jewellery you want to wear. Of course, you must first buy a dress and then jewellery, but, if there are certain pieces you want to wear on your special day, think about how they will look combined with your dress.

The Weight Matters As Well – although many of the brides don’t realize it, some special dress designs can be very heavy, especially if you choose a dress like a daughter. Therefore, if you don’t want to deter you when walking and dancing, choose something lighter, with the fewer cloth.

Consider The Venue Colors – you don’t want to have a dress that has the same colour as a tablecloth in the venue, therefore, ensuring that you speak with your organizers to learn what you want to avoid. Of course, if this is something you don’t care about, you can choose Rona.

Your shoes are important too – last on this list but as important as the shoes you wear. Think about what suits your clothes most and if you choose to wear high heels during the ceremony, you might also want something flat that will allow you to walk and dance your feet.


As you can learn, there are actually various colours that you can choose for your wedding dress. Whatever colour you finally choose, there is one thing you have to remember – Choose something you like and that you feel comfortable with, however, it is your special day, therefore, choose something that suits your style.

So, now you know the hue you can choose for your wedding dress, you might not want to lose your time. Instead, you might want to first start exploring online stores to get a picture of what you want, and then go to the brick business and mortar and try your dream wedding dress!